Friday, September 17, 2010

G for Gentoo

I'm proud to introduce you guys a friend of mine: Gentoo

Gentoo is indeed one of the most interesting linux distros I've tried in my linux-user life. It is like a charming woman, ones you try it you can't think at anyone else. And that's terribly true.

The most important thing, and the real distinguishing mark is emerge. It is the package manager for gentoo, something like synaptic in ubuntu: it brings no binaries but sources for any application you want to install! It controls compilation trough some keywords in specific files and delivers you the best binary available for your computer.

I made this intro simple stupid (KISS principle) so newbies can imagine what I'm talking about. The best and worst thing of Gentoo is its concept of extreme customization that pass through detailed compilation for any application, text-file confs, "sudo nano" procedures, kernel compilation, text line installation etc. I mean this is the best thing for an advanced user, who knows what he wants, but not an affordable approach for not experienced one. The best way to start with gentoo is of course the handbook: this is the best guide about a linux distro on the net. Detailed and clear it makes you able to build your system step by step.

I'm really proud to be a gentoo-user as it gives me the chance to build my pc as I like even in the software (after I did it in the hardware). I have a machine with true performances and only gentoo made some miracles possible:
  • I can boot in less than 15s. Boot, not resume... And with active and responsive environment.
  • I can open a pdf, word document, excel file, video or whatever in few seconds... like 1...2...3...done... wow
  • responsive environment even with 100% cpu usage. Great.
  • advanced performances with Intel integrated graphics (Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller): no overheating on a 12" notebook (not netbook it's not an eeepc), but best perf available, squeezing blood out of it.


I'm going to show you some of these tricks to make your gentoo-box and make it better.

But most of my posts will be problem-solving oriented. I mean that using gentoo sometimes makes everyday stuff not so easy. I'm gonna lead you to the solution if you have my same problem.

Stay tuned!

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