Sunday, October 10, 2010

Remove Openoffice start delay


even if in many setups this trouble it's silent in fast environment it's really a pain. I'm talking about the slow startup of Openoffice when you want to open a file. It takes ages to do nothing, as it doesn't write or read from drive, no CPU use or whatever. It took a lot to figure out where the trouble was. From time to time it happened to do some text edit without internet connection... and surprise... no problem!

So it was quite obvious that the trouble concerned net configurations, but it was still way too far from identifying it.

I was quite lucky when I found the solution somewhere. I don't remember where exactly, so please forgive me if I don't link back to the source.

Openoffice somehow wants to retrieve a local address, so we are going to give it! Just edit the right file:
sudo nano /etc/hosts
and look for the local address line. it should look something like: *yourhostname* localhost
::1 localhost
you should add just "*yourhostname*.(none)" to the first line, so it looks like this: *yourhostname* localhost *yourhostname*.(none)
::1 localhost
Save and close, your next Openoffice start will be faster than ever! Fast and painless!


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