Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bluray on Ubuntu without rip!

Hey guys,

few months ago I wrote down a guide for Gentoo to play Bluray Discs without ripping. As it seems that the topic is hot I want to help Ubuntu and Debian friends too :]. The solution is the same, just the package handling is different, so the how-to will have some changes!

First of all Ubuntu (and Debian) does not come with gompiling tools, so you'll need to get them. Further let's include some dependencies too, so voilĂ :

sudo apt-get install build-essential libc6-dev libssl-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libqt4-dev

Here comes the same procedure as Gentoo linux:

Once you're done visit MakeMKV forum and get both makemkv_v[...]_bin.tar.gz and makemkv_v[...]_oss.tar.gz, saving them on your drive.

Let's unpack them:

tar -xf makemkv_v[...]_bin.tar.gz
tar -xf makemkv_v[...]_oss.tar.gz
Now move in each folder. You should have all needed deps already so go straight to compile and install

cd makemkv_v[...]_bin
make -f makefile.linux
sudo make -f makefile.linux install
cd ..
cd makemkv_v[...]_oss
make -f makefile.linux
sudo make -f makefile.linux install
Nearly done. If you want to start makeMKV just type in your term
sudo makemkv &
Getting into the business insert a BD in your drive and check if it is recognized by the application. Sometimes the title of the disk does not match the film title but don't worry ^_^
  1. From File > Open disc > chose your disc or push the button below in the main window
  2. MakeMKV will analyze your drive to find AACS and decript the Bluray. Once it's done you'll see more infos about your disc.
  3. Go File > Stream or the button below:
  4. Once you read "Operation sucessfully completed. Streaming server started, web server address is..." you're ready to share your stream.
  5. Let's open VLC Media > Open Network Stream
  6. We just have to write "http://localhost:51000/stream/title0.ts" in the text box. If title0 doesn't work try with following ones (title1, title2, etc.).
  7. Click Play

Enjoy Ubuntu guys!

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