Saturday, September 25, 2010

MakeMKV Updates

Here we are,

as I promised I found some news about MakeMKV. First of all in the "multimedia" gentoo overlay you can find MakeMKV. It sounds to be very easier to install, just few steps, anyway it seems to have not the latest version.

Second, if you have troubles trying to view Avatar it seems to have a kind of encryption still not supported. As always those stuff have useless copyrights guards etc... I'll never understand that.

Third I have a good workaround for testing the program some time more, but please, support those guys and their work!

Starting from the beginning let's explain how to get the overlay makemkv version.
What you need is the overlay manager, called layman:
emerge -av layman
If you want to see the available overlays type
layman -L
then let's add to the portage tree the multimedia overlay
layman -a multimedia
Great. The next step is the easiest:
emerge -av makemkv

They claim to have a license purchased for gentoo users. Actually in my box the evaluation timer remains. Please be sure you know what you are doing. I'm not responsible for applying that in your system.
In Windoze it was the paleolithic age, but here works like a charm. You need the right to set date, this script should not work.

First of all change your settings and do not check for updates on the net. Then create a script in your /usr/bin/ called mkvext
sudo nano /usr/bin/mkvext
then put in it the following code
date --set='-1 years'
makemkv &
sleep 3
date --set='+1 years'
you can obviously replace "years" with "months" or even "days"
now let's make it executable
sudo chmod 777 /usr/bin/mkvext
the last step is to change the launcher to make it work, so for Xfce users:
sudo nano /usr/share/applications/makemkv-makemkv.desktop
and change the following lines:
Exec=makemkv > Exec=mkvext
TryExec=makemkv > TryExec=mkvext
save, close, env-update and test


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  1. The website is for MakeMKV is showing only Windows and Mac software. Do you have a link for the Linux version?