Friday, October 1, 2010

New Adobe Flash support for 64 bit system

Hi guys,

Seems finally the day has come. One of the most desidered ad still not available features of 64bit os was the Flash-reader plugin. Still on Gentoo-x86_64 it was the default choice to install the 32bit plugin with 32bit precompiled libraries and nspluginwrapper. This sounds not easy and indeed it is, at least conceptually. The major cause of the choice was of course the lack of a 64bit plugin. Maybe some opensource were available, but you know those work correctly on 1 content over 10.

Adobe released the Adobe Flash Player "Square" on sept 27th, but gentoo portage have already included beta version few months ago. It comes with beta version 10.2, here comes the steps to install it.

The easiest thing you might do, this time is wrong.

We need to set first of all the right keywords for the plugin. Let's issue:
emerge -pv adobe-flash
You should activate 64bit and deactivate nspluginwrapper and 32bit.
So let's go and edit make.conf
sudo nano /etc/make.conf
and check not to have 32bit and nspluginwrapper flags
now let's go to package.use and check there too:
sudo nano /etc/portage/package.use
be sure to remove unwanted words and add the 64bit, the line should look:
www-plugins/adobe-flash 64bit -32bit
Now we are ready:
emerge -av adobe-flash
Portage should remove the emul-linux libraries and add just the plugin.
To see results you might need a system reboot.


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