Thursday, June 16, 2011

Electicsheep screensaver


back again with some stuff. Sorry but in these months I got my brand new job and I'm quite overwhelmed... ^_^"

Anyway today I'm bringing to light my last solution in Linux environment. This time we are not talking about a useful stuff, but I'm introducing one of the coolest and maybe the most addictive screensaver ever seen: Electricsheep.

Directly from the project page:
"Electric Sheep is a collaborative abstract artwork founded by Scott Draves. It's run by thousands of people all over the world, and can be installed on any ordinary PC or Mac. When these computers "sleep", the Electric Sheep comes on and the computers communicate with each other by the internet to share the work of creating morphing abstract animations known as "sheep". The result is a collective "android dream", an homage to Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep."

Whoa... this sound gorgeous, but... is this screensaver gorgeous too? Yes, it is! But the installation, at least under linux is kinda cumbersome.

If you have Ubuntu 10.04 or Debian Sid, then just use the package manager or type "sudo apt-get install electricsheep".

The other need to follow the following procedure. This is necessary mainly due to a poor programming of Linux configure, and to the use of a not-so-up-to-date graphic library.

The first smart thing we have to do is downloading the libGlee source from: Unpack it, open a terminal in that folder, compile and install it, simply by entering the line:

./configure && make && sudo make install
Now you can download the sources for electric sheep from here:

Unpack it to {your_dir}.Copy the GLee.h and GLee.c (from extacted sources) to {your_dir}\DisplayOutput\OpenGL\ and to {your_dir}\Client.

Now go and edit the configure file by simply:
cp configure configure.bak
nano configure

ctrl+W and look for "WX_MAJOR=${WX_VERSION%%.*};"

This is the right code. Be sure to change the lines as follows
if test x$WX_CONFIG != xno; then
WX_VERSION=`wx-config --version`


Now you should be able to configure by:
CXXFLAGS="`wx-config --cxxflags`" LDFLAGS="`wx-config --libs all`" ./configure
sudo make install
You'll find the screensaver in your list from the configuration window.
If the configure process complains about wxWidgets take a look around for a newer version of wxGTK, depending on your linux distro.

If you have troubles feel free to leave a comment.



  1. thanks -- that helped me get the source in SVN straightened out. but i still have to give CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS when i configure. isn't it possible to just fix so that's not necessary? -spot

  2. Hey spot,

    I thought you finally got the Linux developer... But I guess I was wrong! Anyway glad you fixed the Svn source, I'll write an update post with the simplified "how to". About the idea of fixing the configure I think it would be the best solution, as soon I can I'll try...

    Just a pity I can't be your developer... ^_^"